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Rasta Super Surfer Wave Rider

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Rasta Super Surfer Wave Rider

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Product code: SUP-Rasta-WRS
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Product Description

Here is our new in-house Rasta Wave Rider by our New Media Director, Elyssa Robbins. This is our second rasta design, made only because our first one did so well! With this design, the focus was all on symbolism - and this vape is loaded with it! Everyone knows the rasta colors, but few know what is behind them. Sure, the red stands for inner power, the yellow for riches, and the green for earth and the enlightenment it brings. But Rastafarianism is so much more, and this vape touches on every bit. This powerful king of the jungle is wearing his spiritual crown, exhaling his enlightenment, and wearing the tribal paint of his homeland - with chakra beads in his dreads, and the tree of life in his eyes, he embodies the culture. And his greatest talent is leading you to your own enlightenment! The vape is engraved with an edition number above the dimmer light. The baseplate comes in black, but you have the option to choose a different color.

Why choose a Super Surfer?

  • Glass-On-Glass design produces pure, great tasting flavor

  • Ceramic heating element provides even convective heat, reducing the risk of combustion

  • Angle of the heater-cover to wand connection prevents flower from falling into the element

  • Multi-function LED lights can be customized to fit your style

  • Variable speed forced-air fan produces high quality vapor at a steady rate to fill the bag or assist your inhale

  • Ships in a high quality hemp and polyester padded bag with pockets for all components

  • Features 2 hand-made interchangable custom glass knobs

  • Unique Glass, silicone, and titanium valve system

  • Diffuse your favorite essential oils or wax melts 24/7 with the

  • included glass Aroma Top

  • Designed, assembled, and tested in Colorado, USA


About the Artist
The Super Surfer Vaporizer is the world’s most versatile desktop vaporizer. In addition to all the capabilities of a standard Silver Surfer, it includes a forced air system that can be used to fill a vapor bag or can be used with a whip. It has a lighted base with multiple lighting modes to create the desired ambiance for your vape session. It ships with a custom padded bag, an aroma top, and all the accessories needed to vape with the included whip and/or vapor bag. Like all 7th Floor vaporizers, it is also compatible with a variety of filtration and cooling accessories.

What's in the bag?

  • Super Surfer Vaporizer with Spherical Glass Heater Cover and 2 hand-blown glass disc knobs
  • Glass Aroma Top with wax melt sample
  • Replacement Screens
  • Complete Vapor Bag Assembly with Sick Clips
    (5 glass pieces and 2 clips)
  • Roll of food grade plastic Vapor Bags
  • Complete Whip Assembly
    (2 glass pieces and 3ft food-grade vinyl tubing)
  • Stainless Steel Pick
  • Hands Free Attachment
  • Ceramic FlavorDiscs

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Essential Oil Kit for Super Surfer

Turn your Super Surfer Vaporizer into the ultimate e-nail! This kit comes complete with everything you'll need to have flavored vapor! The Heater Cover is open for easy access and comes with an oil cap from dropping in your concentrates, as well as a ground glass cap to close the pathway up for filling bags! To finish the kit off, there is a small titanium cap that sits on top of your heater cover. Just drop a ceramic flavor disc and some flavored oil on top, and enjoy the tasty vapor!

Click Here to look at the Super Surfer EOK

Super Surfer Ultimate Vaporist Package

This package is built for daily vaporist. It comes complete with everything you need to get started vaporizing right out of the box! The Essential Oil Kit includes all of the pieces to convert your Super Surfer into the safest and most reliable e-nail on the market, and the glass Switchball Ashtray and Striped Glass Pick provide the finishing touch. The Aroma Top will keep your home smelling amazing the entire time!

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How often do you clean your vaporizer and rigs? Is there anything better than a vaping experience with fresh, clean gear? We recommend that you replace the hose on your vaporizer and clean all it’s parts—along with any water filtration you use to ELEV8 your vaping experience—at least once each month. We’ve now made it even easier to have the cleanest, smoothest, most flavorful experience for dry herbs and concentrates imaginable on your Super Surfer, Silver Surfer and Da Buddha Vaporizers from 7th Floor Vapes with our new CONSUMABOX subscription plan.

Click Here to look at the CONSUMABOX

Spherical Ground Glass Dual Hose Wand

Get a dual hose wand to blow open a window of opportunity! With endless possibilities, you can use it to fill a vapor bag while you continue to vape, connect it to two unique setups, such as an Elev8 Premiere Custom Water Filter on one hose and a Vapor Tamer with the other, or have super competitive vape session with your buddies, and more!

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Elev8 Premiere Bubbler Mouthpiece

For an inexpensive water filtration solution, look no further than a bubbler mouthpiece for your vape! You may have thought these mouthpieces were exclusive to the SideKick, but this awesome piece of glass has a mariah at the base of the bubbler to attach it to any hose setup!

Click Here to look at Elev8 Premiere Bubbler Mouthpiece

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