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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer


Why choose a Silver Surfer?

  • Glass-On-Glass design produces pure, great tasting flavor
  • Ceramic heating element provides even convective heat,
    reducing the risk of combustion
  • Angle of the heater-cover to wand connection prevents flower
    from falling into the element
  • Custom hand-blown glass temperature knob ensures no two
    Silver Surfers are alike
  • Highly customizable - select housing and base colors as
    well as custom glass accessories
  • Each unit is built and tested by hand in Colorado, USA
  • Vaping temperature is adjustable to fit your personal inhale
    speed and chosen herbal blend
  • Ships in a high-quality hemp and polyester padded bag
    with compartments for all accessories
  • Easily converts into the safest e-nail on the market


Original Silver Surfer

Original Series 


Housings are available in a classic
silver, as well as a durable powder
coated matte or gloss finish
available in multiple vibrant colors 

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    Wave Rider Series


Housings are powder coated in
durable specialized gloss coat
that allows custom artwork to be
sublimated right into the tube

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Silver Surfer Wave Rider

Ceramic Heating Element



Ceramic Heating Element

Tested 10+ year life span

Oxidation and degradation resistant

Quality tested for 24/7 use


The Ceramic heater is the foundation of all our vaporizers. Tested
10+ years of 24/7 use on any temperature. We are the first 
company in the industry to offer this type of ceramic heater.                    



Glass-On-Glass Connection

Clean tasty vapor every time

Easy and Convienient cleaning and maintinence

Quality Hand-blown glass from Elev8 glass blowers


Glass on glass conections are the signature of our vapes and the
               Silver Surfer 
is no exception. Spherical Glass allows for use with the
hands-free attachment. 
This connection ensures the joint never gets
stuck, and offers a bowl size 33% larger than ground glass.

Glass-On-Glass Connection
Whip Connection Angle

Whip Connection Angle

The angle keeps herbs in the wand where they belong

This angle also reduces stress on the glass

Includes a spherical ground glass hands-free attachment


The angle of the Silver Surfer allows for the hands-free attachment,
spherical glass, and 
reduces the stress on the glass heater cover and wand.    
This angle also keeps your herbs 
from falling into the heating element
while maintaining the ergonomic comfort in which your hands naturally rest.  


Hand-made Glass Knob

Precise temperature control for the perfect heat

Customizable knobs to match your vaporizer

Glass is hand made by our Elev8 Glass team


Every vaporizer is crafted with a matching, unique, handmade
glass knob ensuring 
no two SSV's are alike. This fully functional
hand-crafted adjustment knob 
allows you to dial in to the perfect
temperature to to fit your inhale speed and herbal blend


Hand-made Glass Knob
Customizable Housing

Customizable Housing

Made from 1/4 inch thick airplane grade aluminium

Durable powder coated finish will never fade

Customizable housing means yours is one-of-a-kind


For over 10 years the SSV has been the world's most customizable
vaporizer. This means that along with our normal selection of colors, you
can also choose from a variety of artist and band designs, or design your
very own! We start with a white coated housing covered in a specialized
gloss coat, then we use sublimation to bind any photo or graphic to
create a super durable and vibrant full color vape!

Browse our available in-house, artist, and band designs >



Variable Convective Heat

Adjust the heat to fit any herbal blend or essential oil

Find the setting that fits your personal inhale speed

Remove the knob to set the indicator where you want


Everyone inhales at a different pace, so for convection vapes, setting
the heat to a specific number produces different results for different 
people. In addition, all herbal blends and essential oils vaporize
differently. We have left out any numbered settings so that you can
find the temperature that works best for you. The removable knob allows
you to set the indicator wherever you prefer to mark your "sweet spot".


Variable Convective Heat
Padded Storage Bag


Padded Storage Bag

Made out of hemp and recycled polyster

Inner lining is velvet to protect the SSV

Carries everything the SSV needs for everyday use


The SSV ships in its own padded storage bag. Our bags are made of a
hemp and polyester blend we like to call "hempster", with a heavily
padded inner velvet lining to cradle the Silver Surfer. There are pockets
both inside and out to carry all of the SSV's parts and accessories.


Aromatherapy Dish

Glass top affords you the option of using wax melts

Keep your home smelling great with your favorite scent

Dish design allows you to vape and diffuse all at once


The aroma top lets you keep your home smelling great with waxes or
oils 24/7 
without interrupting your vaping experience. 7th Floor also
            sells our own collection 
of wax and oil scents that work perfectly with
the Silver Surfer's Aroma Top 

Aromatherapy Dish
E-Nail Kit


E-Nail Kit

Converts your vape for vaping essential oils

Carb Cap seals the heater cover for vaping herbs

Reclaim your oils with the specialized wand


If you prefer concentrates over dried herbs, you'll want the e-nail kit.
This kit comes with a different style heater cover with an open top, as
well as a titanium dish that slides with over the heating element. If you
decide to switch back to herbs, this also includes a carb cap to seal
the opening in the heater cover.

What's in the bag 

  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer assembled with a hand-made
    glass Temperature Knob and Heater Cover
  • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and
    polyester blend called "hempster"
  • Packet of 10 Replacement Screens for your whip Wand
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Hand-made glass Whip Wand with Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Whip Tubing made of food-grade vinyl
  • Ceramic FlavorDisc
What's in the Bag

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