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SideKick Portable Vaporizer

SideKick Vaporizer®

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Product Description

Why choose a SideKick?

  • Stir your bowl while you vape to maintain the absolute best flavor the whole way through

  • The Vortex cooling chamber gives you cool fresh air just like a Rocky Mountain breeze

  • Digital control provides the visual for 21 precise heat settings, battery life and run time

  • Replaceable batteries so you never have to go without your SideKick Vaporizer

  • Ceramic Heating Chamber that holds approx. 1/4 gram

  • American hand-blown glass mouthpiece made by our in-house Elev8 glass blowers

  • Ergonomically designed and super easy to clean



The most elegantly designed portable vaporizer is here!! Introducing our answer to the portable vaporizer craze, The SideKick. This elegant vaporizer is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand.

The SideKick features the ability to do what no other vaporizer on the market can do! We believe you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Other features include:
  • - Stir your bowl while you vape to keep the flavor amazingly tasty
  • - Vortex cooling chamber to give you that Rocky Mountain fresh air
  • - Digital temp. control to dial in the preferred vape temperature perfect for you
  • - Replaceable and rechargeable batteries so you can always be ready!
  • - Ceramic heater to give you a long heater life
  • - American hand-blown glass made by our inhouse Elev8 blowers
  • - Super easy-clean design to make your life easier

What's in the bag?

  • SideKick Portable Vaporizer with Stir Mechanism and Vortex Cooler
  • Hand-made Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 Sets of Rechargeable 18350 Batteries (with external charger, storage caps, and date stickers)
  • 2 Cleaning Brushes with Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Small Bowl Tongs/Scoop
  • Stainless Steel Oil Can
  • Sample Size Mouthpiece Lubricant

Battery Safety-Observe these guidelines to protect yourself and your vape
  1. Do not keep your batteries in a pocket or bag with loose change or keys
  2. Replace damaged batteries or batteries with torn wrappers
  3. Do keep your batteries in approved battery cases such as the battery caps when not in use
  4. Do not leave your batteries in your car
  5. Keep your battery charger where you can see it; Treat it like an open flame.
  6. Store your batteries between 40℉-80℉ or 5℃-26℃­­
  7. Batteries will need to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on use

We will be offering a 30 day warranty with each SideKick, extendable with a registration. With registration, the vaporizer itself is covered for 1 year, and the heater is covered for 5 years. We will gladly accept any new, unused items for return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Shipping is not refundable. We cannot offer returns for used items.

*Please be advised: SideKicks can currently only be shipped using Fedex due to new shipping laws regarding lithium ion batteries. For this same reason, we can only use express shipping to customers in Alaska and Hawaii until further notice*

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Custom Glass

Accessorize your Sidekick Portable Vaporizer with the incredible vapor cooling of a SideKick Bubbler mouthpiece. Not only is this an inexpensive way to step up your vaporizing game, but coming from a company that hand-blows all of its glass, you can have it completely custom to your vape too!

Click Here to look at custom glass!


Customize your SideKick by engraving your own personalized text with your choice a font, that way whenever you vape you have that one quote to always see and think about!

SideKick Replacement Batteries

Extend your vaporizing experience by adding on an extra set of rechargable batteries. As one of the only vaporizers with removable batteries, you never have to wait for your SideKick to finish charging back up, just swap your set of batteries out with a charged set and you're ready to go for more than 3 sessions (21 minutes) of heavy use!

SideKick Replacement 18350 Batteries

SideKick Angled Mouthpiece

These awesome angled mouthpieces for our SideKick come in two different angles so you can pair them with your own rigs, water cooling pieces, and other attachments! Combine this with your favorite miniature water filter for an easy on-the-go setup!

Click Here to look at purchase a SideKick Angled Mouthpiece

Vape Escape Bundle

With our new Vape Escape bundle, you will be fully equipped to leave reality for a few minutes as you retire to your “special spot". Use the included “DO NOT DISTURB” sign to create a protective barrier and forcefield which nobody can penetrate* and Ride the Wave with a custom SideKick portable vaporizer and the ultimate Survival Guide necessities.

Vape Escape Bundle

Elev8 Premiere Bubbler Mouthpiece

For an inexpensive water filtration solution, look no further than a bubbler mouthpiece for your vape! You may have thought these mouthpieces were exclusive to the SideKick, but this awesome piece of glass has a mariah at the base of the bubbler to attach it to any hose setup!

Click Here to look at Elev8 Premiere Bubbler Mouthpiece

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