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Below are excerpts from emails we recently received from many of our satisfied customers. We want to say THANK YOU to all our customers and loyal fans - and also let you know that we enjoy talking to you. So give us a call - and continue to Ride the Wave!!!

- The 7th Floor Customer Care Team: Rev & Jason

Got questions? Need advice? Call us weekdays from 8 to 5 MT at 719.570.9928, or contact us via email and we will respond within 24 hours.


I was having a little trouble with my Buddha so I phoned you guys up and got on the line with Jeff. That guy is literally the most awesome customer service rep I think I've ever had. He walked me through my issue, gave me sound advice and joked with me while we got my order together. He had a great attitude and was all around a killer representation of what service should be. This man deserves a raise. Please give him more money. Thank you for your time; I'll be a lifelong customer.

James, March, 2015

I was sitting at home the other day thinking about home appliances and tools and what has lasted me the longest over the years. Without a doubt it has to be the Silver Surfer. At almost 7 years old it has been used almost daily and has never had a problem, ever. It has been through multiple moves and 6 states and has worked as good as the day I purchased it in Sedona, Arizona.Thank you so much for making a quality product that has outlasted many brand name products I have in my home. This is a fantastic tool and is built to last. I am very impressed to this day.


Wow, that's really all that I can say about this product. The first day I recieved the product I couldnt get ahold of any quality herbs, so I ended up vaping some low grade commercial. The Silver Surfer made that little bag of swagg seem like a few nice bowl hits of some quality. I never thought that I would say that some swagg actually had a nice taste to it. The idea of smoking without combustion has to be the best invention since the wheel, I hope this doesnt sound like a fake testimonial, because I am truely a satisfied customer. Hope I can get enough of my friend to buy one so I can get some referrals.


Buddy introduced me to the SSV and was skeptical at first and now have my own and really appreciate the hard work and support the whole SSV team puts in. They listen and have a very great product and glass experts to match there awesome effort in creating one of the easiest to use and tweakable herbal vaporizer out and for a long time to come. I have several friends that have followed suit and dropped the combustion habits of nicotine and opted for the smooth cool experience that the SSV has to offer. Very user friendly, and wide range of options to make you feel at one with your vaporizer as it becomes like your favorite cup for morning coffee the SSV can be left on with an wax aroma melts which work super well so it's ready when you are. And easy to gauge with handheld temp gauge to dial in that PERFECT TEMP! It is a hardy investment that is well worth it, if you don't have anyone around to show you how to make the best of this unit search the internet or contact SSV as it is easier than velcro shoes to learn how to use. As you can tell by now I really enjoy my vaporizer to the max! Now its your time to come ride the wave and find out that there is still some hope in Great American craftsman ship and customer service. Thanks Steve and crew keep up the awesome work!


I've turned at least ten people onto SSV because it noticeably improved my health in a few days. I coach mountain biking, indoor soccer, skiing, kayaking and other activities. Most of the coaches are teachers and athletes and when I showed them my Silver Surfer it was all over. I had dabbled in vapor starting with heater guns and then a whole pile of other weak attempts to vaporize. I have a technical background and the idea of heater coils outgassing "who knows what" ions and molecules with the vapor bothered me. The ceramic heating element sold me from the health perspective. Once I demonstrated the Silver Surfer it was all over. After my SSV was taken at the airport, I had ten houses to go to for SSV. One friend was so grateful for me showing him how to vaporize, he bought me my new Da Buddha from his home computer.

Anonymous, March 2015

Hi, Customer Service Folks, A couple of months ago, I purchased a Silver Surfer vaporizer, my first vape of any kind, from (name removed). It arrived with two broken, and one missing, pieces. After hassling with their customer service for a month, only to receive incorrect replacement parts. I gave up. I then contacted 7th Floor, directly, where Nick, customer service rep extraordinaire, took the time to carefully diagnose what was wrong with my vaporizer’s disparate pieces, how to fix the problem, and expedited delivery to me. He was most helpful, very courteous, and fun too. At long last, I have tried my vaporizer, and it is outstanding. Thank you for your good product, and in particularly for your outstanding customer service.

Laura, June 2015

Okay, so I have read some of the other testimonials on your site(from all men!) and no one has mentioned the oils. So I want to be the first... The SSV was purchased for my boyfriend and I have taken it over. The reason,you may ask, well the "AromaTop" of course! I am able to keep the SSV on most of the day and not only have it on for his use throughout the day but also for me. I love the Lavender essential oil! my fav! The aroma is real strong at first but that is what is so wonderful because you are able to clear out the whole room (or my whole main level of my house) with just a few drops! For instance, when I smoke out the house from my burnt cooking, I add a few drops of the Lavender or the Eucalyptus essential oil, and within seconds thats all you smell, nice and refreshing. I just wanted to point out what other great accessories you offer that go along with the SSV. I am very very pleased with what you have sold me, and very greatful that it has more than one use. Also for all you men out there that need a really great selling point for your lady, this is it! Something for both of you to use and enjoy for many many many years on end! Thanks again! Love it. Love the customer service...and thanks for giving me the "411" on the oils and AromaTop couldn't do it with the old school wood box vaps. And am very happy with the new Wands (so much easier to change the screen out), way better smoke, and all the colors...definately worth the upgrade!


Always hits hard when you break a glass piece... your warm and friendly customer service really helps cushion the blow.

Flint, July 2015

I purchased the original rasta SSV a number of years ago from your company and have to say I have never been more impressed with any other product on the market.

Jock, July 2015

Well like a kid at Christmas I was eager to open and try the Silver Surfer. It arrived just 2 business days after I ordered it and I wasted no time trying it. I was a little pessimistic about this working properly and getting the same effects as from ordinary means but much to my surprise it was 100% better than anything I've ever used before and the effects seems much more concentrated. I followed the instructions and I filled the wand to just about a 1/4 with my "favorite" herb and had the heat knob turned about 1/2 way and that did the trick perfectly. At first I didn't believe anything was gonna happen because I wasn't coughing up a lung but it didn't take long for the "effects" to kick in and I mean "kick in"... I had my ass handed to me and that made my night. Thanks for a positive experience and a healthy alternative to smoking the traditional way. ThanX


I've had my SSV for a little over a month now, and I absolutly LOVE it. This thing is the real deal people. Super fast shipping, quality construction, and it does what it says it's gonna do. Heats up fast, and gets the job done much more efficiently then smoking. If you have been smoking for years and are feeling burnt out, do yourself a favor and order one of these NOW. I can already feel the difference on my throat and lungs. The glass is also very thick and high quality. I've recived nothing but great feedback from my friends, and i've seen more then a few hardcore smokers get put on their a$$ by this little bad boy, with the effects lasting much longer. I did hours of reading online about the various models before picking the SSV, and I have zero regrets about my purchase. Highly reccomended.


I just wanted to write you guys (& gals) and say thank you. Unfortunately, it seems like the only time people take the time to write a company is to complain about their service but I wanted to do the opposite.

I owned the original Silver Surfer and was so happy with it that when I heard about your Indie GoGo campaign for the new version, I had no hesitation in pre-purchasing it. When it showed up, I was bummed to find out that I received a defective one that didn’t heat up. I was still impressed by all the extra glass that it came with that I didn’t think was included! Once I contacted customer service, a new one was quickly shipped and it has been working great ever since. (+ a free shirt was included)

Then, with no formal announcement… I receive a new & improved wand with the clever idea of having a value in it! (+ another free shirt!) Most other companies would of sent their customers a message letting them know of this improved wand and at most offered a small discount on it. To send it to your customers with no fanfare is why I will continue to support 7th Floor in anyway I can.

Please keep the amazing quality products coming and thank you once again for your company’s stellar customer care/support.

Derek H, August 2015

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude towards you guys and gals. You all provide an excellent product with great customer service. Living in Alaska, I usually have to wait a week or so for products to be delivered or scoring a great deal only to find they do not ship to Alaska. I would once again like to express my thankfulness towards 7th Floor LLC and I will provide nothing but great reviews for your service and products. Keep it up, you all rock

Thomas, August 2015

To all the staff at 7th floor, Ty & God bless you all. You made it possible for my son who has been fighting since he was 13. As he continues his daily battle you and your products of healing & art make it possible for my son who is also a hardcore fan. It's just over the decade of waiting for a miracle pill or procedure to heal him never came, but between the collaboration of your artful products and ethnobotanicals, you have helped grant my son peace of mind and myself. So may you all continue to be blessed in life and success! Peace and God bless.

From a happy mother

Anonymous, August 2015

I have owned my Silver Surfer now for a couple years. I use it daily, and I wanted to give a little feedback. It's nothing short of incredible! I love this thing! I am a chronic pain patient, so my health is important to me, and the clean convection of the Surfer is beyond compare. I'm a machinist by trade, and I wanted to say that I really notice and appreciate the high level of workmanship in this product. There's not a single component or part that feel under-engineered or cheap, and it's practically invincible. The glass just makes the whole thing even better (if possible.) I have purchased multiple glass pieces over the years, they are as sturdy as they are beautiful, nothing has ever broken. So, with quality of that level in manufacturing and glassblowing, I have no choice but to remain a happy, loyal customer who loves to recommend the silver surfer to anyone who hasn't heard about it yet. Thanks again, and please let the people in the shop know they're doing awesome work, Also, to whomever is reading this contact form, thanks for what you're doing, too!

Thomas, August 2015

Thanks very much, Kris, I’ve been a user and advocate for the DBV, SSV and LSV for quite a while. They are always regulars in my vaporizer rotation. Your customer service is also second to none. IMO, 7th Floor sets the bar in the vaporizer industry for quality, value and customer service.


Chuck, November 2015



I just wanted to say how much I love the sidekick. I just got it today and holy cow it is great. I wasn't sure how my expectations should be as I have purchased many failed attempts at a hand-held vape. Having one of your Buddhas and Silver Surfers I had confidence that if anybody could do it you could. After determining the right setting (4-4.5 for me) it vaped as well as the desktop vapes.

The tools you include is going the extra mile. My Silver Surfer didn't come with anything but a pick (I bought it a good 8+ years go) so I was happy to see that more accessories were included. I didn't expect such a nice (who knows, it may be cheap) battery charger. I like the use of standard batteries although I can't imagine needing replacements. I doubt I'll ever use it but the car charger is a great bonus.

One thing that would be great is an extra band for the tongs. Mine doesn't have issues but I plan on using the tongs with the band on (it makes them more manageable) so I imagine that will wear out the band quickly. Those tongs feel as heavy-duty as the vape itself; I can't imagine they will wear out for 100 years.

I have bipolar and smoking really helps both the highs and lows. Right now I am away from my family way too much because we don't want the desktop vape near our kids or guests. My biggest reason for getting the sidekick was to have more time with my family. After using it for this short period of time I know it will serve me well and I know it was a great purchase. They may not realize it, consciously, but I know my family will appreciate it too.

Thanks for your great products!

Aaron, February 2016

I absolutely love my side kick and so have my friends (my one friend even gave me money to order him one after using it once). You guys really hit it out of the park with this one.

Daniel, March 2016

Hey Sam what's up?

I got my sidekick on Saturday and been using it all week and I gotta say this thing is awesome!!! I'm very happy and pleased with my sidekick. 7th floor owns the vaporizer business!!! I already took it apart to clean and man is that an easy task! Plus the rechargeable batteries that is so awesome!!! I can go on and on but my sidekick is waiting lol. Thanks for everything I love my silver surfer vap and also my new sidekick. Thanks again!!!

Moses, March 2016

Ya so far I absolutely love it, I use it pretty much exclusively I've noticed the more you use them the longer the batteries will seem to hold a charge, and ya I mixed it in with some flower about 1/3rd {flavor crystal} 2/3 flower ration and it vape awesome such amazingly pure flavor with every hit. Iever started commenting ever time I see a high times lava quartz pen I point {people} toward the sidekick because who needs some little oil pen when you can do it all? A few people seemed interested so hopefully you got some more customers.

My friends are all super jealous too haha now all that i can really think to improve my vaping experience would be to buy the LSV or go all out on a super surfer so hopefully after i go trimming I'll be getting one of those bad boys to replace my
{water filter}. I'm incredibly surprised by how long oil will last with this too, we tested it out with some {oil} and holy crap was it the smoothest, easiest hit I've ever taken of oil the sidekick is some kind of magic how the smoke come through nice and cool. I've let all my friends use it too and the look on their faces after they take a hit is awesome they're always blown away by the fact it can vape flower and then when they blow out the vapor they're like "no way" blow away by how great this thing hits.

I especially love how inconspicuous it is so i can just chill at the park and meditate by the river on the nature trails and on hikes. The mouthpiece didn't take very long to get properly lubed up either I haven't had to apply any of the coconut oil since one week after owning it. This is definitely by fare the coolest thing I've ever won let alone used for flower and I'm happy to say I love to Ride the Wave, you guys rock

Travis, March 2016

I have tried every single vape on the market...I've done my research. There is simply no question, no vape on the market hits as hard, tastes as good, and is built as well. Not my thing, but you can also customize this thing beyond comprehension


"This vaporizer works better than any other vaporizer available, including the high dollar (Name removed) . Plus this piece looks way cooler and the glass that is involved is awesome looking, each one is different!!!" - "IT is also easy to use and the heater does not take long at all to heat. 2mins...THIS PIECE IS A MUST HAVE!!!"


The SSV is not only a superior performing vaping marvel, it is a true work of contemporary industrial design. A glass and metal functional modern art sculpture. The only vaporizer available with the creative glass rivaling your most prized bubbler or water pipe. And, totally customizable for a unique personal combination. I simply love this thing and after becoming familiar with it, have total trust in the bullet-proof design. An aroma therapy top is next on my wish list. Oh yeah, and another custom whip with some Rasta colors! 7th Floor LLC is a small American company made up some very cool and helpful cats. If their website confuses you, give them a call for some excellent customer service and design consultation. Thanks


"OK I don't know where you guys get your testimonials from, but here is on e from the real world. I bought this thing to enjoy the same substance I have been an enthusiastic fan of for three decades now. Your device is built to work forever (it has been on since August). IT has saved me many times its purchase price, as the cheapest commercial grade works almost as well as the most exotic stuff, and with either the mileage is outstanding. But nothing compares to what the change from smoking to vaporizing has done for my lungs. I can breathe again, I don't cough any more and I can sing without sounding like Tom Waits-THANK YOU. This is not the first vape I have owned, it is the third." - "The surfer is designed for easy use, and built to endure, thanks for thinking it through,you have built a great product. Thanks again"

Bumpy's friend The Dude

OK!I GOT MY SSV A DAY EARLY! Thats what i am talking about and did i mention how freaking awesome it looks. I got the BLack on Blue. The guys at SSV do a hell of a job on matching the knob and heater cover. I also ordered water adapters and they even matched them TOO!(TRUST ME THESE ARE PIMP!) I Just can't keep my eyes off it. You can bet that my new baby with have all new parts within a month all thanks to the SSV. I got to have it Custom. And you know what it great is that you can get a completely custom SSV for less then a classic (Name removed) . Now come on who would you choose.


Alright, so I've had a few days now to give the SSV a good test. So here's my review of it. First of all, this a great looking piece. I really dig the colors I decided on. The design is very sleek looking. (There should be an all white one...and then you can distribute through Apple...make it a vaporizer and wireless base station. Airport Extreme would make much more sense.) Anyway, the construction is really solid. The base is aluminum and feels like it would be impossible to break. The glass is well made. I also really like the fact that any part that might break {glass} is easily replaceable. Can't say the same thing about my {Brand name removed} pipe that broke last week.

The color and design of the glassware is really nice as well. I love that my mouthpiece matches everything else. It also looks like they matched the heater cover to the color as well. Second, it does everything that it is advertised to do. It heats up really fast, so there isn't any waiting around. It's also my first whip style vape, so I was having second thoughts about not getting a
{Name removed} until I actually tried it. I find I use much less material than I previously did with smoking. I also like being able to control how much I use, which is something you can't do with a vape with a bag. And the strength of the vapor is very potent. It doesn't take much at all.

Clean up is a breeze. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I will be recommending everyone I know to try and buy one of these. Totally worth the investment. I look forward to having this around for a long time. And if something ever did happen to it that couldn't be fixed, you can bet I'd buy another.


My friend told me i should think about getting a vape...i checked out a bunch of them; the volcano, the super vapezilla, vap bros. woodbox, etc. As he was from colorado, he told me about a little company called SSV that made what he called "the best vape for the money you got." I have to say that I am nothing less than elated with my purchase of this unit. It is one of the most ridiculously efficient pieces I have ever seen. It's saved me so much money on various tobacco-related products that it's paid for itself twice over. I have not nor could I have made a better investment in this realm of things. Plus, everything that touches the heating element just seems to magically become ultra-potent---unbelievable. You guys make really quality products and they are genuinely easy to use. They don't feel mass-produced or tinkery like many of the more popular models do...they feel much more beefy and tough and they can just run and run. In other words, thank you so much, and keep up the good work. There are so many good things that I can say about the SSV I don't even know where to start. So I'll just say that you won't regret a purchase and when it finally arrives all your expectations will be surpassed by this great vaporizer. The vast amount of customization and custom parts are just extra icing on the cake. I love my SSV and I guarantee you will too.


I wanted to let you and all of 7th Floor LLC know, that this is the best vaporizer I’ve ever owned, hands down. Not only is it very well made, but it’s a joy to look at, like a piece of art! All those custom blown accessories just makes vaporizing that much more classier then smoking. No stupid bags, or fans to deal with, just glass on glass vapor. I was amazed to see how long the cord was, a lesser manufacture would have cut corners and used a much smaller cord (my {Name removed} only has a 4’ cord) but you didn’t. That shows me that this was a well thought out product and making a superior product was your goal, not higher profit margins, and to that end I applauded you and your company. And the cord is just the beginning, every single part of the SSV is top quality from the cord to the heater! The aroma top I also purchased is no different, what could be better then clearing the air and my mind at the same time! And it works just as advertised, a little all natural soy wax and a few drops of aroma oil, bingo! The whole house smells great for hours. Before this vaporizer I have used/owned a few homemade ones (soldering iron, halogen bulb, etc) and in June I purchased a {Name removed}, I can honestly say I completely wasted my time and money on all of those others. The SSV is the vaporizer I should have bought all along and will be the one I recommend to all my friends. And to think, I almost spent way too much money on that overpriced, over hyped {Name removed}, lol. My wife & I thank you, my wallet thanks you, & most importantly my lungs thank you!


there are a poopload of vaporzers on the market... all different sorts. how does one choose which to get? which one is the safest? the most economical? is it worth spending over 100$ when there are ones out there for 45$? Alas! the Silver Surfer commeth! i cant believe how awesome this vaporizer is. the design is hardcore. durable, strong, pretty to look at, simple, easy to maintain. its in the same leauge as the {Names removed} '... ACCEPT, this one is all glass and doesnt have toxic paint that comes off {Section removed} the silver surfer has a warenty, has a housing of METAL instead of wood (that is not only flamable but will shrink and expand bassed on humidity)... and above all, the silver surfer delivers the goods. its easy to control and THE MOST ECONOMICAL for your herb usage. if your reading this, then let me tell you, this is worth the extra 10 bucks (over a {Name removed})... its ten bucks that goes to health, reliability, beauty and your own pocket (in all the money you'll save on your herb). peace


Hi. Thought I would drop you a testimonial if you want it. Here it is: After complaining to a friend that smoke was too harsh anymore for me to continue to smoke it was suggested that a vaporizer might be good to get. I'd never heard of a vaporizer but got on the internet and learned more about them. As I surfed around and read I kept returning to the Silver Surfer web site. Out of all of them this one had details of its construction and it seemed to me that it was made with genuine pride in its product and explained why it cost slightly more than others. In any event, I bought it and waited like a kid does Christmas morning. I noted it was in the mail the same day I ordered it. Its performance is all it said it was. It works very very well and the little added attraction of being able to vaporize scented oils at the same time as using the vaporizer was to me a 'so what?' kind of attitude but once I got it going and the leaves were being vaporized too it was a very pleasant experience and I use it all the time. Its great. Customer service was great...couldn't ask for better. I like mine just fine. Plus he's working on improvements that will come out later perhaps. I am 'William' who lives in the Sierra Mts. of California ....if you want to yak more in person about it, call in and they have my permission to give you my number.


I bought my SSV for Christmas for my wife and opened it immediately. I was blown away by its beautiful artwork. We turned it on and tried it out. INCREDIBLE!!! You can see the vapors coming thru the glass tube where you load it. You only taste pure plant. No smoke. No coughing. We have since added a water bong that we bought through SSV. Not only is it beautiful, but with the ice and water it is like you are breathing in cool air. The high is tremendous. I really enjoy the carry bag that the SSV comes with. We carry it with us when traveling by car and plug it right in our hotel room. No smell. Amazing. This vaporizer is the real thing. It works well. Heats up fast. Great for parties. Our friends are impressed when they see this thing. The SSV takes smoking to a whole new level.


I was a bit skeptic when I bought my Silver Surfer. Boy was I ever wrong when I received this awesome device. Easy to use, my herbs last twice as long. The effects last much much longer. I have shared my SS with three fellow veteran herb connoisseurs and all were floored by it. This is a fantastic product. If a smaller portable model were offered I would pick one up for those getaways to Laughlin and Vegas or wherever. Kudos!!!!!!


The first impressive thing with Silver Surfer is the speed of delivery. I ordered my SS the night before Veteren's Day, so they couldn't ship until Saturday. I received my order Monday morning. Apparantly this is not a fluke, either. I have since ordered an aroma kit. Ordered Tuesday night, arrived Thursday morning. Wow and Thanks! Quality of Vaporizer: I have been using vaporizers consistently (daily) for around 3 years. I had a company that I was very happy with and would still recommend to anyone for their first vaporizer, but to a person looking for a real solid vaporizer I would hands down go with SS. The little things are important and this company knows what those are: 1. Sturdy, 2. Easy Screen replacement, 3. Great temperature Range, 4. Heats up quickly, 5. Looks amazing! Keep up the great work SS!!


I got my SSV 4 days ago and I really like it. I have used it a ton. All my friends are basically living at my house now using it. It is a very stout product and no risk whatsoever about tipping it over. I broke my leg yesterday and have used it a ton since then. I am very pleased with the quality and craftmanship of the SSV.


Hey there, Let me first just say WOW, that was fast shipping. Second of all, the vaporizer is a complete work of ART. It's elegant and utilitarian at the same time, which is even more impressive. Third of all, the functionality of this unit is second to NONE. I've tried almost every kind from (Names removed) . Yours is far and away the best. I must say that I was hoping for a good vape and I was surprised with an unbelievable one. So Steve, my hat is off to you. You certainly deliver what you promise in the ads. You also have a customer for life, and you can bet that I will spread the word of the Silver Surfer. So I will close with a heartfelt thank you for going above and beyond to provide a great product. Steve, it is an honor to do business with you.


SSV has saved my precious lungs, a brief explanation, 6 months ago my doctor told my i have a serious respiratory problems and have already been hospitalized twice and had major surgery on collapsed lungs, doctor said i can't smoke ever again lest i want die, i really thought it was the end of my smoking pleasure until i found the SSV in a local head shop and to my curiosity bought one, i have since then thoroughly enjoyed vaporizing with my SSV and look forward to buying your custom accessories. i can't thank you enough for saving my lungs,

most sincerely,

I want to thank you for creating such an awesome product! In addition to the SSV being the best vaporizer I have ever tried, it is also the most aesthetically pleasing. Your attention to form and detail is phenomenal. I love the way you matched up all the colored glass pieces, even with the little hourglass in the wand! Thank you, also, for your fantastic customer service. You have a customer for life-- I'll be buying some more of your beautiful glass accessories soon, I'm sure. Do you think you'll ever sell replacement knobs for the SSV? I like the idea of being able to switch around all the glass elements, including the knob, to achieve a new look. Again, many thanks for a fantastic vaporizer!!


Just wanted to drop you a line and say that the Silver Surfer Vape is a remarkable product...almost magical.I can't believe how well it functions with none of the ill effects that smoking gave me.2 thumbs up... and to think I almost spent an extra 300.00 on one of those (Name Removed) products... after I read about their practices I decided that I wasn't going to give them a dime...I have told all my friends about the SSV and the ones that have tried it are amazed as well. I'm sure that you wil be getting a few new orders from Tennessee as a result of my test sessions... anyways...way to go and keep up the great work..


Wow... My silver surfer arrived a few weeks ago, but I've been enjoying it so much I forgot to leave a testimonial. Everything about it is great. The unit is quite sturdy, the blown glass wand is exquisitely thick and well-formed, and the colors are terrific on everything. Your grinder rocks, by the way. I am now stricken with an strange urge to sit in one spot and grind up plant matter for hours on end. Thank you so very much for being innovative and saving my lungs! p.s. If you are considering purchasing one of these contraptions, then definitely do it. But either buy an ice-chamber or get an adapter to hook it up to one of your own; it makes all the difference.


I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your product. I sent my money order on a thursday (preceeding Easter Weekend) and received my SSV promptly on the following thursday (4/20). What luck! Needless to say, the SSV was immediately put to work, and boy did it handle the job! I have been around the block when it comes to vaporizers; I've hit vaporgenies, vapirs, vaporbrothers, and yes, even the {removed} volcano. After using my SSV for a solid week, I can confidently say it's the best vaporizer I've ever tried and delivers what just might be the smoothest hit possible. The most outstanding thing about the SSV is the obvious quality of materials and craftsmanship...this isn't just a vaporizer, it's art! The whip is exceptionally thick and heavy; you would have to literally drop it on concrete to break it. The FREE grinder also kicks ass, and is sharper, stronger, and smoother than the {Name Removed} grinder it replaced. I HIGHLY recommend the SSV and othe! r products from 7th Floor (the aromatop is a MUST HAVE). These suckers are built to last a lifetime, and you will not regret your purchase! ***Newbs, be wary...the SSV is at least 4 times more effective than smoking, and it will KICK YOUR ASS if you aren't careful!!


7th floor is the best hands vaporizers and by far the best glass you'll ever find for the price.they have awesome pieces that you can get off their website, and trust me you'll be pleased with whatever you get because you know damn well if you like the picture, you'll shit on yourself when you get it in your hands. but if you're a true fan and want something custom as fuck look no further . Steve is the man, and if you call ask for Chris or Sam, and they will get you done proper like,as if you went to see the wizard himself. Can't wait to get my order it's going to be awesome, I'll have my wet wipes next to me while I unbox it still speechless after seeing my knob then my pendent (don't get me started, that shit is so beautiful )then my bubbler for my sidekick I'm foaming at the mouth just can't wait to have it in my hands and gaze into it.thanks once again Steve you're the man. !RIDE THE WAVE!


Hey Sam. Just wanted to thank you guys for taking care of the situation! I've had this same problem in the past but you guys have always come through and gotten the correct stuff to me. I've been an avid user of my DaBuddha unit since I've gotten it, and I can't tell you how much it's saved my lungs. I almost exclusively vape now, and its all thanks to you fine gentleman/women at 7th floor. Have a good one!

Steven Newman June 15th 2016

Hi, I just recently purchased your sidekick vaporizer, and I just wanted to thank you guys for an excellent piece of equipment. I’ve tried many portable vaporizers in the past and have not enjoyed the flavor or efficiency. Your team has put a tremendous amount of work into this and it shows. I have always enjoyed taking care of my pieces , and the fact that this is designed with clean freaks in mind, makes it even better for me. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you guys and keep up the great work!

Chad Jones, November 3rd, 2016

I have gotten Sam on the phone now multiple times I just ordered a silver unit with black base from him this time, he is such an excellent employee and always helps me to his fullest and nicest extent. If there were a model employee for taking calls at your company Sam does a literally perfect job. Thanks.

Mitchell Eftekhar, August 3rd, 2016

I just wanted to follow up with you guys about the recent contact I had with you guys. It started off with me tweeting a photo of my Silver Surfer vape that I've had for the last eight years. I'm beyond happy with my SSV and when I let you guys know, Slim went above and beyond what I imagined and offered to send me a anniversary package. I have not yet received, but the fact that you guys even offered just shows me how great of a company y'all are. Thank you so much to Slim and everyone at 7th Floor for continuing to make great products and also responding to old customers such as myself. You guys are incredible!! Thank you once again!

Jerry June 2016

I love the spherical wand It produces thick tasty vapor with every hit.....when I hook it up to the elev8 recycler the clouds are so thick i often have to check and make sure I didn't combust...but I never have its always perfectly vaped....I used an {Name Removed} and then a {Name Removed} for years....after receiving the SSV....I have since sold my {Name Removed} to my aunt...the {Name Removed} simply cannot compare to the powerfully thick hits my ssv puts out...I also get medicated much much quicker with the ssv.....I ordered my ssv vaporist kit with all of the bells and whistles and an EOK for the same price I purchased my {Name Removed} for years ago and It was such an upgrade that I was amazed.tge glass work is on point...I knocked my recycler over within an hour with my whip and it didn't even have a's super thick and beautifully made...keep up the great products and amazing customer surface I look forward to more purchases in the future


I just received my new Silver Surfer. It has already been dubbed "Johnny Cash" because it's the vape in hammer black. Man, this thing is badass. It's built like a semi-truck and works like a dream. My expectations have been far exceeded. Thanks for providing such a great product. I'll be getting a concentrate kit and other goodies soon.

Tanks again,
Brad Morehouse

Thank you so much Jason for everything. You have been a great help in all of this and you have been one of the best customer service representatives I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with if you don't mind me saying so.

Aaron Sheridan, March 27, 2017

Your attention to detail in matters of salesmanship and keeping your customers informed is second to none.Your company is lucky to have you on board and I am lucky to have you as my contact. I appreciate you taking the time to keep me informed and everything you have done for me.

Aaron Sheridan, April 4, 2017

To ALL the crew at 7th Floor. A million thanks for the AWESOME service you guys have given me every time I call! From the people in production, to sales, your service is impeccable! Your crew is always nice, courteous, cool, can and will go outta their way to help down to the last detail! Out of this whole world I have traveled in, you guys have been the best! Once again A MILLION THANKS!!!

Anonymous, April 18, 2017

Hey just wanted to shoot you guys some positive vibes! I got my first vaporizer from you back in like 2007 probably. I had it for a while, and sometime after the warranty was finished it was having some trouble heating up. I was living in Colorado at the time, and wasn’t too too far from Springs so I just took my silver surfer in to your shop- that in itself was pretty sweet to check out! Being as my warranty was up I expected to pay, but you guys were awesome and fixed it at no cost. That surfer had a tragic demise, but shortly after I picked up another one that I’ve had for about 6 years now! In short, you guys rock, have a great line of reliable products, and awesome customer service. I’ll likely never go with another company the next time I am in the market for a new vaporizer (whenever that is).

Oh ya, and I also dig the fact that whenever I buy screens (which was what prompted this correspondence), they come in a hand written envelope complete with chicken scratch handwriting! Only kidding, my hand writing is absolutely terrible as well. Anyways, cheers! And keep up the great work!

Chris, April 18, 2017

I really like the vapor production of the lsv, it needs some skills to get the right vapor production ( I overpacked once and combusted, yet still better than smoking with butane) the carrying bag is beautiful, fits everything that it needs to + got room for various extra accessories, I really like the attention to detail and the quality of the hemp blend + the velvet interior. I was looking at your other vaporizer models, specially the sidekick. It does seems to be less popular choice among the people and I think the reason is for that is that not much people know about this device. I really like the vapor path ( the fact that it can be put in the freezer for extra smoothness) the glass mouthpiece option and output regulation is a big advantage too.

John, April 24, 2017

I've been a fan for years of the 7th floor vaporizers products. The quality and care put into building them is visible from the moment it arrives. The table top vaporizers such as the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer are some of the most dependable vapes on the market by far! Along the way I've created many other 7thfloor believers just from letting them experience it for themselves! Ride the wave

Jesse, June 14, 2017

I would like to pay a compliment to Rev for his assistance with this order. An absolutely perfect example of what Customer Service is supposed to be. Maybe you guys could train Delta for me?

My wife is a cancer survivor and has the unfortunate side effect of neuropathy from the chemo. For 2 years she took prescription drugs by the bushel to help the pain.

Then I thought to try cannabis. We bought the sidekick, (a wonderful unit by the way) and I proceeded to become a criminal in my state. Yes, I bought 'weed' from 'dealer'.

The results have been nothing short of a miracle. Since March when she began vaping, she is now off ALL the opiate pain meds, and has ceased to take 2 others. Her pain is lessened, her spirits are good. And to be honest, her life is not ill affected by a little 'buzz' during her day.She is back to work full time, and again 'here' in the real world. Opiates mess one up mentally more than you realize, cannabis does not - IN THE RIGHT DOSAGE

And that is the reason we upgraded to the Super Surfer - because it is effective!

Thanks, you guys keep getting the word out...

Bob, June 20, 2017

Just unboxed my lsv and the amount of detail put into packing really goes along way. I really hope you guys continue to succeed and set the standard for the industry.

-Thanks again!!
Jordan, August 10, 2017

I just wanted to compliment the genius that developed the pro trim elite. This is off the hook. It is perfect for the little guy that can't afford much more. I love them.

Thank you so much for this invention. What a relief this thing is.

Stan Johnson, March 12, 2018

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