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7th Floor Artists

Vaporizer collaboration taken to the 7th Floor level of excellence! 


In the beginning 7th Floor offered the ability to fully customize a Silver Surfer by laser engraving vector art onto the powder coating of one of the most amazing vapes on earth.
Then in some crazy miracle, in the same week we had two people come to use with the idea of sublimating the powder coated tube.
This took the customization of our vaporizers to a level never before seen in this vape industry.

Click here for details about how you can get your design on one of our vapes. 



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  Elyssa Robbins   Christina Yen   Chef / Grind Bros   D Mac  
  Ethereal Inspirations   The Happy Artist   PARR / Icelantic   Jesse Robbins  
  Jude Anaya   Mike Garcia   Moüse   Nick Kubley  
  Paul Booth   Scott Fisk   Totemical      




In-House Artists


Elyssa Robbins


Elyssa Robbins is not only our New Media Director, she is also our own personal digital art whiz. Her art is mostly space themed, but there is a lot of allusion to inner consiousness. Each piece ends up with at least a little bit of symbolism, or a some imagery of her Colorado home. She also does tattoo style collaborations with her husband, tattoo artist Jesse Robbins. 

“I create what is deep in my mind. Usually that involves space, because who really wants to be on this planet anymore?”


Spark of Genius Honey 420 Giveaway Astro-Chemist Colorado Dawn Skullopus Artemis Faces Of Pompeii Rasta Serenity Vape-O-Lantern Worlds Consumed DewdropSupernova Mossy Web Burning Lotus Color Storm Sweet Leaf Into The Iris On A Distant Moon Stargazer Colorado Disaster Relief Weary Bones Corrosion



Outside Artists


Christina Yen


Christina Yen finds art forms in just about anything she does, whether it's painting, photography, or jewelry. Mythical creatures, dragons, lizards, and just about any other little scaly critter imaginable are her favorite things to create. Music is also a huge inspiration to her in many ways. 

“I like to think of music as scenery and colors and it helps me create mood when I draw.”


Koi Liquid Metal Dragon Echo Dual Incubus




Chef is an Illustrator, tattooist and freelance graphic designer. He’s also the designer/co-founder of Grind Brothers Art, a creative community founded in 2010. This team designs band images, artworks, merch, posters, and logos. They are closely linked to the world of music, but never close themselves off from any style. 

“My references are varied when I´m creating but mostly horror, zombies, bones, blood, & flesh.”


Spinal Skulls




If you take a little bit of Rat Fink, mix in a lot of Don Martin, Al Jaffee, large portions loose women, monsters, & corpses, and put it all into the blender, you will have something resembling the artwork of Doug MacDonald. Doug Mac illustrates for national magazines, and his drawings glow with the delight he feels while creating them. 

“I really do have fun. When I’m sketching or drawing and I laugh, I know I’m onto something.”


Black Widow


Alaura Zortman


Alaura has moved over 40 times through North America. She paints from her experiences, heavily influenced by the flora and fauna of her travels as well a primary focus on social issues shared at each location. She pushes to draw emotion from her viewers using bold colour for psychological stimulation, and meticulousley manifested forms to relate each inexperessable emotion. Working in watercolour and ink by preference, she has a very unique and visionary style. 

“Shattering the perceptions of perfection and reality”


Luminous Transcendence The Surfer


Elizabeth Letourneau


Liz stays focused on art every day as often as she possibly can. Her inspiration comes from the things around her. She mostly paints to express her innermost feelings, thoughts, likes, & dislikes, and she loves pushing herself to try new techniques. 

“Painting and drawing are like meditating to me. It’s very calming and free. It’s all a learning experience, and I’m just along for the ride, enjoying every minute of it.”


The Eye Whose Light Sees All




Co-Founder of Icelantic, PARR uses art to express himself in a variety of unusual and inventive ways. He uses his talents at Icelantic as a creative director, developing themes and progression for the company. He believes art is a resource to humanities ideals and vision. It is the process of deliberately and creatively arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses and emotions. 

“Whether we are conscious of it or not, the human brain is actively seeking the structural limits of reality. It is at these limits where reality expands beyond the realm of rationality and enters the realm of wonder. By experiencing wonder, it becomes grounded in space and time, becoming part of our reality. It is here, at this crux of science and art that I choose to take action.”




Jesse Robbins


Jesse Robbins is a multi-talented artist that doubles as a craft brewing apprentice. His passion for tattooing has driven him to evolve his art style from a Giger esgue look into something truly all his own. He refers to his technique as line sculpting rather than just drawing, in the sense that his tribal-like lines create depth before any color or shading is added. He also does collaborations with his wife, Elyssa, and Henna at local festivals. 

“Tattooing has been and always will be a part of human nature. It’s also the most temporary and ethereal of art forms. Art made of inanimate materials may last thousands of years, but skin will always have a shelf life. I find a strange comfort in this that no other medium can give me.”


Skullopus Vape-O-Lantern


Jude Anaya


Jude Anaya started doing art when he around 16 for his cousins band. Music was always a huge motivator, so he started messing around with paint and a few other apps while his friends would be jamming out. He progressed from taking pictures of them to editing them when he came across an art contest for Trivium! He didn't win, but he got an email from the designer complimenting his design concept and encouraging him to move forward with more advance programs such as Photoshop. From there he was absolutely hooked! Since then he's been able to use his artwork as well as music to help over come all hardships in life.

“I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would actually get recognized for my artwork! I come from a really really small community so it absolutely blows my mind when people from all around are sharing my work!”


Space Mountain 


Mike Garcia


Mike Garcia is a professional tattoo artist with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He enjoys working in a number of mediums, maintaining his sketchy sort of new school tattoo style throughout. Working out of the same Colorado city as our own warehouse, Mike does astounding work on a lot of the SSV crew. 

“Art should make you feel something. A smile, tear, or any other kind of emotion. It’s not art unless you feel it.”


Mike Garcia




Growing up in Oceanside, CA, Moüse started skating and spray painting over 15 years ago. He started in his garage painting his friends’ skateboard decks, grip tape, tshirts, and anything else he could get his hands on. He realized grip tape would be a good way to get his art into the world, so Moüse Grip was created in 2008. He still paints every sheet of grip tape personally.

“I like to paint, skate, and dominate”


Extra Terrestrial


Nick Kubley


Nick Kubley is an illustrator based out of Savannah, Georgia that doubles as a drummer for the band Passafire. His hand drawn pieces are inspired by natural forms, and incorporate flora, fauna, and the symbolism within them. Pen, ink, and watercolor are his preferred mediums, and stipple-shading gives his art a very unique quality. 

“When I’m not at home creating art, I’m on the road with my band making art of another kind”


Swamp Goddess


Paul Booth


After devoting 20 years of his life to the art of tattoo, Paul Booth has become a household name, especially in the metal music scene. His dedication to the evolution of his craft has garnered him numerous awards aroung the globe, magazine features, public & television appearances, and more. Through his deep involvement in organizations like the National Arts Club, in addition to his own brain child

“The Art Fusion Experiment”, Booth is continually driven to unite tattoo artists around the world and push the tattoo industry forward in as many ways as possible.


Paul Booth


Scott Fisk


Scott Fisk is a professional hot rod illustrator from Vermont. that owns a studio called Studio 669. His insane and unique art has been featured in a number of hot rod magazines, and he has also published a book to help teach others his drawing techniques. Scott does most of his work frim his left finger tips, unassisted by computers whenever able, giving him an “old school” quality which makes him a rare commodity. 

“As artists, we are to evolve. That’s our mission, our ‘genetic’ characteristic. We NEVER settle for the same everyday. That’s why we are artists”


Mr. Yummi


Justin Totemical


Justin Totemical is an electric light artist that draws his inspiration from all things ethereal and geometric. He is always searching for his next plateau of artistic exploration. His art is described as the manifestation of a super computer being given LSD, and dropped through a worm hole with the task of reporting on the experience. 

“I wish for my artwork to reflect our connection to source by bringing conciousness into form through technology. Art has the power to bring people together, to heal, inspire, and bridge connection without language. Through my work I wish to bring happiness, inpiration, and reflection into people’s lives”


Seeing Is Believing


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