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  • Vaporizing vs. Burning

    The health benefits of dried herbs, plants, and essential oils are no secret. Every day, millions of people around the globe turn to inhaling these natural sources of life-giving compounds over other methods of ingestion like eating, drinking, or injection. But not all methods of inhalation are created equal.

    In fact, the positive impacts of many plants, herbs, and oils can be effectively neutralized by the process of setting them on fire (combustion). More to the point, the effects of combustion can cause significant damage to the respiratory system – especially with regular use. While igniting herbs or plants is an easy way of reaching the temperature required to release the vital compounds in these plants and herbs, the smoke inhalation that comes with the process delivers dangerous carcinogens and can irritate the windpipe.

    The solution to avoiding irritation, exposure to harmful materials, and respiratory damage? Vaporization.


    Vaporization vs. Combustion Vaporization vs. Combustion

    How Is Vaporizing Different?

    Like the process of combustion, a vaporizer heats your herbs, plants, or oils to an ideal temperature for the release of vital compounds. Unlike combustion, however, a vaporizer removes any water content and heats your herbs, plants, or oils without ever causing them to catch fire. So the vaporization process eliminates the potentially-harmful side effects of burning or smoking, while giving you access to more of the vital compounds in your herbs, plants, or oils. (We'll save all the nifty science and tech-speak for another time.)


    Other Benefits of Vaporizing

    In terms of positive health effects, delivery of vital compounds, and the relative speed at which your body will begin to absorb those compounds, vaporization is clearly the best choice. While you're inhaling natural compounds in an effort to improve some areas of your health, it doesn't make any sense to be inhaling harmful substances at the same time. Besides the health benefits, a vaporizer is much easier to maintain, and it can also save you money in the long-run.

    Using traditional combustion methods like smoking rolled herbs or pipes, you may find you’re having to use more of your herbs, plants, or oils to obtain your desired health effect. Not the case with vaporization. Because your vaporizer heats the material to its ideal temperature without unnecessarily destroying some or most of it through the process of combustion, you’ll use less material and get the same effects. Also, you’ll save money on consumables like rolling papers, ash trays, and different pipes that may wear out over time. Not to mention sparing your favorite new jacket from the stale smoke stench that caused you to banish your other coat to the back of the closet forever.


    The Bottom Line

    We won't take it as far as to say something so dramatic as, "Traditional smoking is SO 1900s," but the case for vaporizing vs. burning is an easy win for vaporizing. It's better for your lifestyle, better for your wallet, and most importantly - it's better for your health.


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