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Essential Oil Spotlight

  • 6 Essential Oils Your Mom Will Love (Seriously)

    essential oils mother's day

    Rick-rolling you? This close to Mother’s Day? OF COURSE we wouldn’t do that to you. This really is a 7th Floor Vapes Overlord-Certified Blog Post all about 6 essential oils your mom (or your mother figure) will totally love.

    If you’ve ever bent near a plumeria bush and taken in its gentle, tropical scent … then you’re already well acquainted with essential oils. The same compounds that give our favorite plants and herbs their scent can be harnessed from the organic material. Then, we can put it into little glass bottles and enjoy the scent of eucalyptus wherever we go. Without actually having to lug around a whole eucalyptus tree. It’s terribly convenient.

    Aside from the perfect preservation of its scent, a plant’s essential oil also contains many or all the compounds in the plant that we use for medicinal, detoxifying, relaxation, or general health purposes. Let’s run through six essential oils that will make your mummy dearest smile on Mother’s Day.

    1. Lime Essential Oil

    Known around the globe as half of the Sprite flavors and a garnish for fajitas, limes have a distinct smell and taste. Lime is a member of the citrus family. And just like the rest of the squad, limes contain high concentrations of limonene – a hydrocarbon compound that’s great for cleansing and purification. Adding a drop of lime essential oil to mom’s water will add a refreshing, stimulating burst of flavor. Or, Mom could diffuse a little lime in the aroma top of her Super Surfer. Just throwin’ that out there.

    2. Wintergreen Essential Oil

    We know what you’re thinking – “But 7th Floor Vapes blog-writing overlord, it’s not even winter!” Yes, you’re right. But in the immortal words of Eddard Stark, “Winter will be here again in a few months probs.” The solution to a lack of winter? Wintergreen, of course! This essential oil comes from the wintergreen shrub found in the rural mountains of Nepal. You’re familiar with wintergreen from gum, candies, toothpaste, and retirement homes. But what you may NOT know about wintergreen essential oil is that it’s great as a massage oil after exercise or working around the house. One note of caution, though. A little dab’ll do ya.

    3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Have you ever seen a stressed-out koala? We haven’t either. That’s because there’s no such thing as a stressed-out koala. And THAT’S because this favorite food of adorable Aussie bears not only helps to cleanse the air (and even surfaces), it’s also great for relaxation. After a long day of work or chastising you about your college grades, Mom can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to her bath and enjoy a clear, refreshed mind.

    4. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

    Since we got winter covered already, if your Mom is more of an autumn, cinnamon bark essential oil may be her favorite. We get this fragrant spice from the cinnamon tree, which actually grows to 45 feet high. Besides being a natural insect repellent, a apple pie additive, and the name of a really confusing DC comics character, cinnamon also has a whole bunch of health benefits. Mom can add a couple drops of cinnamon bark essential oil to her tea to soothe a sore throat. Or, she could diffuse it in her Silver Surfer Vaporizer to help boost her immune system. Which, in turn, is a great way to bribe her for more pies.

    5. Sweet Fennel Essential Oil

    Ahhhh. Sweet, sweet fennel. This ultra-versatile herb finds a use in Gujarati cuisine, Chinese five-spice powder, German salads, and fennel seeds are even the primary flavor component in the Italian sausage on your delicious meat lover’s pizza. So, yeah…fennel’s been around the culinary block. But it’s also been a health staple since the days of ancient Rome. Sweet fennel essential oil can help promote healthy digestion, support a healthy respiratory system, and even improve circulation. Mom will love it like she loves to remind you to put on a jacket when it’s nippy out.

    6. Ginger Essential Oil

    Sourced from Madagascar, you say? Can be used for more than just a sushi garnish? Also describes the world’s most attractive beards? Why, yes! Ginger is basically awesome. You know it’s an unique little kitchen spice. But did you know that ginger also aids in digestion? In fact, ginger essential oil can even help you with carsickness. So, if you’re taking Mom on a little road trip this Mother’s Day, she can place a drop of ginger essential oil in her hands and inhale it to keep from getting the Nissan Nausea. We just made that up, but it would be a terrible name for a car. Unless the car only had three wheels, but 4 places for wheels. Digressing…

    Of course, these are just OUR favorite essential oils for Mother’s Day and beyond. What other super-thoughtful gift could you get your super-mom? A Super Surfer Vaporizer! We know she’ll love it.

    Or, you could get your mom THIS for Mother’s Day.

    Click Here to Browse Our Selections of Essential Oils.

    Until next time, Ride the Wave!

  • Essential Oil Spotlight: Bergamot


    Despite the fact that its name sounds like an earth-type Pokémon, bergamot has a rich history in terms of health benefits in human society. A cultivar of the sweet lemon (citrus limetta) and the bitter orange (citrus aurantium), this citrus species is one of the few tropical fruits that also thrives in European soil. Which is handy, because the addition of bergamot essence has the magical ability to transform regular, European-style black tea into much more sophisticated Earl Grey tea. Fancy.

    Bergamot has been used for a variety of grooming and health-related tasks. It’s been used as an anthelmintic (something that expels parasitic worms from the body), an analgesic (something that relieves pain), an antidepressant, and even an anti-funk compound in its use as a primitive deodorant.

    While we’ve come a long way from rubbing citrus fruits in our armpits to dispel B.O., bergamot still has a wide variety of uses today in terms of health benefits. Here are a few reasons we love bergamot:

    1. Bergamot Is a Natural Stimulant

    Two of the compounds found in bergamot (namely limonene and alpha pinene) are natural stimulants, even possessing antidepressant properties. These amazing little powerhouses improve your circulation, which give you a feeling of freshness and joy while also providing a little boost of energy. Bergamot also stimulates certain hormonal secretions to help regulate your metabolism. Will vaping some bergamot after downing an entire delicious meat lover’s pizza help your body break it down so that there weren’t any calories involved? Well, it won’t NOT do that. Probably.

    2. Bergamot Aids in Digestion

    This sweet-smelling fruit also activates and increases secretions of certain digestive acids, bile, and enzymes that facilitate digestion (of that delicious meat lover’s pizza). It also synchronizes the peristaltic motion of your intestinal ocean, reducing strain during digestion. This syncing up of your gut helps with regularity, and can even help prevent gastrointestinal disease.

    3. Bergamot Is a Great Disinfectant

    There’s a reason many household cleaning products are citrus-scented. Before the advent of chemical industry, many (if not most) household cleaning products were made directly from or derived from citrus. That’s because some of the compounds found in bergamot and other citrus fruits are natural antibiotics and disinfectants. In fact, humans were so reliant upon citrus cleaners that when chemical cleaners were first available to the public, they didn’t sell – because they didn’t smell like citrus. So, chemical companies got wise and added citrus essence to their cleaners.

    Bergamot essential oil inhibits the growth of many species of germs, viruses, bacteria, and even fungi. This can go a long way not only in prohibiting infections in the mouth and skin, but also to keep your counters clean after you accidentally lay a slice of delicious meat lover’s pizza down on the counter and forget about it until this morning.

    This roundhouse kick of an essential oil is regularly used in bath bombs, skin care products, soaps, shampoos, and even added into bathwater a drop or two at a time. Not only does it add a layer of antibacterial protection, it also makes hair shiny with the added bonus of smelling delightful.

    In conclusion, we love bergamot even more than we love delicious meat lover’s pizza. And because they don’t make the latter in an essential oil (yet), Bergamot Essential Oil by Doterra is available on our website and makes a great addition to your vaping collection. Try using it with a ceramic flavor disc to add a wonderfully complex citrus flavor to your vapor. Or, diffuse a little bergamot essential oil in your Silver Surfer’s aromatherapy dish and let its stimulating properties float through your house.

    Click here to browse all the wax and oils available at

    Until next time, Ride the Wave!

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