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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • True or False? Some Vaping Myths Debunked.

    vaping myths 7th floor vapes

    If you watch the evening news, or spend any time browsing the Facebook feed of that “one” friend you have, you’re well-aware that vaping myths are everywhere. Maybe your crazy uncle Kevin has you convinced that vaporizers are cleverly-designed alien technology designed to steal human DNA. From vaporizers that were designed by tobacco companies to explode (so that users would buy more cigarettes), to vaporizers that don’t really vaporize (and just produce finer smoke), we’ve heard some doozies in the realm of vaping myths.

    Crazy uncle Kevin and conspiracy theories aside, we thought we’d take a moment to examine some of these vaping myths once and for all. Occasionally, there’s a nugget of truth to the vaping hype. Many times, however, vaping myths are bunk.


    1. Vaping Is a Great Way to Stop Smoking

    TRUE. In case you didn’t already know that smoking is super bad for you, let’s go ahead and clear this up. SMOKING IS SUPER BAD FOR YOU. In addition to all the chemicals used for processing and the presence of noted carcinogens, there’s no such thing as a “safe” smoking method. Why? Because you’re still inhaling smoke, which is never a good thing for your respiratory system.

    You can read more about why you should stop smoking here. But if you’re on the hunt for a way to kick the butts, our vaporizers can help! In fact, the American Heart Association even recognized vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Plus, you can vaporize way more than just tobacco. Amirite?


    2. Vaping is Bad for the Environment.

    FALSE. Just like for your body, vaping is also better for the environment. An estimated 1.69 BILLION pounds of cigarette butts wind up as non-biodegradable toxic trash each year. In terms of weight, that’s the equivalent of 322,642 fully-loaded Ford F-150 pickup trucks. Besides making a dent in the world’s cigarette butt waste, a 2016 study found that exhaled vapor particles decayed and evaporated in seconds.

    Vaporizers from 7th Floor Vapes also feature rechargeable batteries and our Dime Bags are made from super-tough, eco-friendly hemp. Are we going the extra mile? We're going the extra 7 miles.


    3. Vaping Provides a Solution for Those Suffering with Chronic Lung Disease

    TRUE. Many people suffering with asthma or COPD find relief in certain plants and herbs. But in some instances, inhaling smoke causes more negative side effects than positive effects. Vaping provides a vital balance between being able to enjoy the positive effects of certain plants and herbs while also protecting the lungs from the negative effects of smoking.

    Click here to read more about this topic.


    4. Vaping Leads to Teen Smoking

    FALSE. Like many vaping myths, this was circling social media and news outlets for a while before one study from the CDC settled the matter once and for all. Not only does vaping NOT lead to teen smoking, it’s inversely proportional. For anyone who skipped statistics class that day, this means that for every increase in vaping in a study group, there was an identical decrease in smoking.


    5. (Not Vaping Myths Related) O'Doyle Rules

    TRUE. O’Doyle does, in fact, rule.

    o'doyle rules vaping myths


    Be sure to check back on our blog regularly for the latest from the 7th Floor Family and all your vaping myths needs.

    Until next time, Ride the Wave!

  • The Universal Duff Jar (and Why You Need One)

    duff jar where to buy

    Some people call it “duff.” Some people call it “AVB” (already-vaped buds). Some people call it the “Space Cowboy.” Some people call it “Maurice.” Whatever you call it…don’t throw it away. The crispy, golden-brown leftovers (duff) in your vape can be used for a variety of different purposes – from the culinary to the cosmetological.

    “But 7th Floor Vape Blog Writing Overlord, how do I harness the power of the duff?”

    As always, we’ve got you covered. Specifically, with our Universal Duff Jar. Take it away, BJ!

    bj duff jar video

    Is it an ash tray? Is it a storage receptacle? Truth is … it’s both. This snazzy innovation will let you catch all the duff from multiple vape sessions and store it safely until it’s time to unlock even more fun with your favorite plants and herbs.

    But What Can You Do with Duff?

    Can you turn it into grassy hills for your LOTR models? Yup. Can you grind it and sprinkle it onto a delicious meat lover’s pizza? Probably. Can you use it to fix a leaky pipe? Of course not, why would you even ask that? There are plenty of reasons to hang on to those sweet leftovers, however. From oils, to tinctures, to brownies, to lotions, to snack foods, and beyond.

    Our Universal Duff Jar fits any type of wand – from spherical to ground glass connections. And you can be sure you’re not losing any precious duff with the removal vent plug. Just place your wand on top of the jar and give a quick blow. Then, voila! You have trapped your duff for all your duffly enjoyment. If you need another quick look at the mechanics, however, you can watch this video. You’ll be a master in no time.

    For more information on our awesome jar, or to redeem the promo code mentioned above in BJ’s video, just click here.

    Until next time, Ride the Wave!

  • Can Your Vaporizer Help You Sleep?

    vaporizer help you sleep

    SPOILER ALERT – Yes, your vaporizer can totally help you sleep. Now, you can try and figure out how to make that happen on your own, or you can just keep reading. The path is yours to choose, young Skywalker. Keep reading? Great choice!

    The Stress Problem

    While there are certainly some medical exceptions, for most people the root cause of insomnia is stress. And in case you missed that memo, stress isn’t so great for you. In fact, insomnia is just one of the many negative impacts that high stress levels can have on your body.

    Learning yoga, eating right, keeping your relationships healthy, and working from home to avoid driving are all ways that you can reduce your stress. The downside is that almost none of those things can happen right away. If you’re operating at a sleep deficit while trying to master the wounded peacock pose, for instance, you could be adding to the stress problem. And more stress means less sleep, and less sleep means more stress. Not to mention that a yoga accident could end you up in the hospital or totally ruin your yogi cred. Vicious cycle? You betcha. Wounded peacock pose really hard? Yup. Still reading? We knew you would be.

    The Sleep Solution

    Sure, over-the-counter and prescription drugs can help in some cases, but many times the side-effects can be worse than the insomnia. A good night’s sleep is a great way to start the comforting ascent into a stress-free lifestyle and your 7th Floor Vaporizer can help you get there. You may be asking, “BUT HOW, 7TH FLOOR VAPES BLOG-WRITING OVERLORD? HOW?!

    With convenient innovation, of course! Our flagship vaporizer, the Silver Surfer, is the most customizable vape on the planet. Not only can you vape your favorite herbs and flowers, you can also vaporize essential oils with the Essential Oil Kit (EOK), and the Aromatherapy Dish even allows you to diffuse wax melts while you vape. It’s like a one-two punch to your insomnia.

    Though we do recommend you perform your own due diligence in deciding which herbs and oils to enjoy, here are a few that are famed to promote better sleep:

    1. Valerian Root. This tall, perennial, flowering plant has been used all over the world for centuries to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, as well as to improve the quality of sleep.
    2. Lavender. You might’ve read about this purple-hued wonder shrub in another of our blog posts. Whether you brew a warm cup of lavender tea, or enjoy the essential oil, lavender is prized for its relaxing properties.
    3. Chamomile. Nope, it’s not the brand name of a nighttime tea. Chamomile is so much more. It’s actually a daisy-like flower that’s been used for hundreds of years for soothing and calming restlessness.
    4. Passionflower. Not to be confused with the fruit of a similar name which can be found in certain packages of Starburst, this beautiful flower can calm your mind and promote a sense of relaxation.

    If you’re having trouble sleeping, and you’re already the proud owner of a vaporizer from 7th Floor Vapes, relief could be just a few minutes away. Beat the stress, eat some delicious meat lover’s pizza, get some sleep, and Ride the Wave!

    Click here for more information on the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

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