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Wax Maxers

No Electronic Parts


No Electronic Parts


Take it with you wherever you go

No maintenance necessary

Just use a butane torch to heat the tip


The Wax Maxer requires nothing more than a butane torch to
heat up the end for vaporization. No cords means you can take it
with you to a friend's house, or even on a remote camping trip! All
pieces clip together in the simplest way, making cleaning effortless.             



Titanium, Ceramic, or Quartz


Titanium is the most durable

Quartz heats up the quickest

Ceramic is pure and retains heat well


Wax Maxers tips are available in 3 different materials allowing you to
choose what suits you best. Titanium heats up quickly, retains that heat
for a decent amount of time, and is extremely durable. It does however
need to be conditioned before use. Quartz heats quickly and produces
clean vapor, but it also quickly loses heat. Ceramic takes a bit to
heat up, but retains that heat for a long time and produces tasty vapors.

Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz Tips
Glycerine Cooling



Glycerine Cooling


Maintenance free passive vapor cooling

Just pop it in the freezer between sessions

Ground glass joints allow you to add more pieces


Some Wax Maxer bundles include a glycerine filled glass piece called
a Vapor Tamer. In between sessions, place the Vapor Tamer into the
freezer. When you are ready for the next session, the glycerine will act
similar to a standard ice pack, and will stay fluid while maintaining its
freezing temperature for an extended period. This provides ice cold
vapors right away without the hassle of using water or ice cubes.




Water Filtration


Start simple or build a custom bubbler section

Convenient and light-weight filtration

Achieve the perfect hit with a small portable kit


Maximize your rips while keeping the vapor nice and smooth. The Wax
Maxer is available with a simple inline percolating bubbler for quick
and easy vapor filtration without the large filters and cumbersome
connector pieces. The ground glass joint allows you to connect
additional pieces for a customized setup.

Water Filtration
Versatile and Protects Glass


Versatile and Protects Glass


Wax Maxer tips fit any male 19mm joint

Stainless steel Sick Clips secure ground glass connections

Our Elev8 glassblowers can create customized pieces


Wax Maxers are designed as 19mm female joints to protect your glass.
Most competitor products use male joints, so when the heat expands the
material of the tip, it puts pressure on the glass and will eventually cause
it to break. In addition to protecting your glass, the female joint allows
you to put the tip onto most glass pieces. The stainless steel Sick Clip fits
onto the joint to secure the Wax Maxer tip to any piece you decide to use.


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