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Double Aluminum Contruction

Durable Aluminum Construction


Rounded corners make them easy to clean

Tough aluminum composition for consistent reliability

Lifetime warranty for the grinder itself 


All of our grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum and then CNC
machined to produce a high quality billet grinder. The durable design of
the grinders is reminicent of the SSV. There is a lifetime warranty on the
grinder itself, but it does not include the coating or screens. These are
literally the last grinder you will ever need.                                                                      

Anodized or Powder Coating


Powder coating adds a durable textured matte finish

Anodizing adds a sleek and shiny finish

Images can be engraved into both finishes, but not in silver


We make our grinders with either an anodized finish and a powder coated
finish. We are the only company that is capable of powder coating grinders.
We had a huge learning curve to figure out this complex process, but after
many long hours of failure, we figured it out! Before we powder coat our
grinders they are first anodized. Anodizing produces an extra hard
surface that is actually only a few molecules thick, and is much
                                                                       harder compared to unfinished aluminum.


Aluminum or Powder Coating
Replaceable Screens

Replaceable Screens


Grinder screens are held in place by an internal snap ring

Repalce the screen when it gets clogged for best performance

We offer replacement screens for all of our grinder sizes


To get the maximum performance out of your grinder the screen should be
kept clean, and occasionally replaced. Every time you use the grinder it lets
the finest particles fall to the base through the screen. Over time, if you see
those particles build up more slowly, it might be time to swap out the screen      


In-house Image Engraving


Choose from available logos, text fonts, and designs

Custom images and logos can also be engraved

Images must be in black and white, but can be very detailed


As with everything we do here at 7th Floor we like to take customizability to the
next level. If you would like to have your grinders laser engraved with your
name, or a saying we can do that. Just pick a font and tell us what to write 
and we will make it happen for you. We can also engrave any non-copyrighted
vectorized image onto your grinder for a small fee. Contact us to see about 
        sending in a design or idea for our new media department to engrave for you.

In-house Image Engraving

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