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Artisan Glass


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Artisan Glass Profile


What Makes Elev8 Glass Better?


  • Elev8 Glass iwas started in Colorado Springs over 10 yearse ago,
    and it is run by blowers with a passion for their craft
  • Our highly skilled team of glass blowers have combined
    experience of over 30 years
  • Our blowers design and produce high quality glass parts for all of
    our vaporizers including the new Sidekick
  • They also fill both of our local sister shops, H.E.M.P. and Elev8
    Glass Gallery, with high quality pipes, water filters, and accessories
  • Custom glass is made for all of our vapes, including all Knobs,
    Wands, Mouthpieces, Attachments and all other vape accessories
  • Glass can be custom ordered to specifically fit your style. Call us to
    see if we can bring your imagination into reality

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Made in America

Made in America


Made at the foot of the Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

Two local sister stores act as stunning galleries for our pieces

Visit H.E.M.P. and Elev8 Glass Gallery to see all we offer


Here at over 6000ft, our elevation forces us to rise above and push our
limits to new heights. This ensures that all of the glass parts that come with
your vape are the best we could possibly craft. Our two sister stores in
Colorado Springs provide the galleries to display what our blowers are truly
capable of. At Elev8 Glass Gallery, the knowledgeable staff can guide you
through the hundreds of available pieces to find the one that is just right for
you. At Higher Elevation Masterpiece Productions, you'll find the same
amazing glass with live glassblowing as the main attraction.                                   

Over 30 Years Experience


7th Floor and our sister stores are glassblower owned

Custom glass can be made upon request

We do glass repairs and custom work locally


The glass that comes out of the Elev8 studio is carefully crafted to perform
up to the 7th Floor standard. 7th floor as well as both of our sister stores
are glassblower owned, so every piece is held to high expectations. All of
the glass parts for our vapes are made of borosilicate, making them
                                                                                    highly durable and dependable.


Experienced Glassblowers
Hand Made Glass

Hand Made Vaporizer Parts


7th Floor vaporizers feature in-house glass

Parts are designed for quick and easy replacement

Guest blowers sometimes offer their works on our vapes


All of the glass parts for the 7th Floor vaporizers have been carefully
engeneered and tested specifically for each vape design. These glass
pieces are made to last with the toughest glass available on the market.
When the glass does break, they are made to be easily replaced so
you never have to go without your vape. The available attachments,
adapters, and custom pieces for our vapes are only made by 7th Floor.               


Custom Glass


New unique pieces are added to the site weekly

Adds a one of a kind flare to your vape

Contact us if you'd like us to make something special


We believe that no vaporizer is complete without custom glass to showcase
it and make it your very own. These custom pieces can include Heater
Covers, Wands, Knobs, Mouthpieces, and a wide array of  filtration
attachments. New custom pieces made by our great artisan glassblowers
are added to the site weekly. Contact us to see about sending in a design
                   or idea for our glassblowers to create something custom just for you.

Custom Glass

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